• Bryony Dunn

Everything I Know Keeps Changing - A Song Story


How are you?

Hope the cold winds of imminent winter aren’t getting you down, rather breathing a golden hue into your soul.

Because really it is golden isn’t it? The leaves still clinging on to their summertime homes or fluttering down to the wet forest floor below, the flames crackling in cozy living room fireplaces, the candles lit on ever darkening Sunday evenings. Golden sunsets earlier than seems polite, but we embrace the gleaming beauty of it all.

The fresh cold air has a calming quality for me. An autumnal child, finding myself drifting back down into my body after the summer heat, the extremities of band mates moving in with my family, and my sister returning home early from a year abroad in America. The deep red intensity of life during a pandemic saw spring into summer and guided lyrics and chords into records. In this golden world of October, the dust has settled and achievements of that time are now set free, to be seen and to be believed. Songs written in winter and recorded in summer, will now be heard in the cozy low lit scenes in which they were conceived.

‘Everything I Know Keeps Changing’ came from a February writing trip to Skegness, or ‘Skegvegas’. Late nights and late mornings created an intensity hitherto unseen in the land of The Choco La’s. I still don’t know what was changing but in singing it, it felt like how I felt. An evening arranging session that exploded into fragments and sent our trio into the farthest reaches of the house to write alone. We’d watched ‘A Star Is Born’ earlier that day on the old box tv with built in dvd player that took a couple of attempts on and off before Lady Gaga wasn’t bathed in electric blue. I was kind of in that world when I was writing the song. It was pretty much a stream of consciousness and when I looked up, I had the song. I remember running around the house trying to make friends with the boys again but they were busy, heads buried in song making. I managed to charm my way into Luke’s room to show him the song, but after he had heard it, he said although he did trulytruly enjoy the song and had, in fact, run out of hyperbole to emphasise quite how much, he actually wished he hadn’t and could I go away now so he could finish without annoying little buzzing distractions (To paraphrase and romanticise and read minds, because I’m sure he wouldn’t approve this as a quote).

We worked on it the next day, Jake taking over on the guitar and me playing a rudimentary version of the bass line that I’d been playing in the chords. It sang! Our hearts leaped! We had something special… for a moment the intensity and stress of the week lifted from our weary brains. This feeling for this song attached itself with a vice like grip which later caused some issues in the recording process.

In front of the triangle window, during lockdown we began to record ‘Everything I Know Keeps Changing’. We struggled our way through a day of live takes eventually settling on one, we spent the second day recording vocals and over dubs but by the time we got to mixing it we realised the live take just wasn’t good enough. So it was back to the drawing board. Another full attempt of it later it still didn’t sound like it did in our heads. So with much deliberation and frankly me flat out refusing to waste our time with a stupid song that didn’t want to sound good, we left it and moved on. When we were about 9 songs in, Jake and Luke convinced me to give it another go, because of that adoration for the song I was talking about before. It didn’t seem right to ‘leave it on the cutting room floor’. SO we tuned our guitars down a semitone, rehearsed the song a billion times and gave it another crack.

And that is what you have now to listen to. A song for the strange apocalyptic times in which we find ourselves. A song about taking a film photo of two boys having a picnic on a beach wall in February. xx

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